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one year ago

Thank you for your response.

one year ago

While running Pacific Theme under Linux using Docker from base nopcommerce, there is one issue with NopPacificTheme_Pack\NopPacificTheme_4.4.593.34178\Plugins\SevenSpikes.Nop.Plugins.AnywhereSliders\Themes\Pacific\Content\slick

Files under linux are case sensitive and on windows they are not. Main page has issue of anywhereSliders.css not being found. The fix was to rename AnywhereSliders.css to anywhereSliders.css and redeploying docker.


we have recently purchased the NopPacificTheme_Pack for 4.40 nopcommerce. We have encountered an error under linux deployment with unaltered nopcommerce dockerfile. - this is the error we are getting when going into "Edit Slider Details - Main Slider Homepage" - URL: /Admin/AnywhereSlidersAdmin/Edit/1 when clicking Edit on any slider.

Unable to load shared library 'libSkiaSharp' is the main overarching error. Nopcommerce fixed this a few months back in

It seems it might be a missing nuget package for linux support. An example of the discussion is either here or here

Any help would be appreciated, since this is currently the only issue we are having with this theme.