Upgrading Theme
one month ago
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We were using Nop Commerce 4.0.
We have now upgraded to 4.4

I have updated the Nop Emporium template to the latest version.
We have customised the front end to look exactly like the demo site following the documentation.

Once we complete the upgrade, do we have to re-customise the front end or is there a settings file we just need to copy across?

one month ago
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If you have followed the documentation this means that you have done only changes that are persisted to the database i.e configuration changes to the Plugins like creating a Slider etc.
So all the changes you have done will be automatically available in 4.4.

If you have done modifications to the theme files i.e .cshtml files then you would need to make these changes again in 4.4.
Boyko Stanev