lucene_indexRichBlogPostRow\ "not found"

2 years ago
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In version 4.2
I have issues in saving the images in blog post. When saving with images the blog post I get a soft error but the post gets saved. Is some cases the image get display in other it does not.
I get the following error in log:
Could not find file 'C:\sites-nop\hci-v42\Plugins\SevenSpikes.Nop.Plugins.RichBlog\Lucene\lucene_indexRichBlogPostRow\'.

Any idea on how to resolve this?
Thank you
2 years ago
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Hey there,

I'm having a very similar issue, in version 4.3. Even though I receive the error "Updating Rich Blog failed." every single time, it seems to save and work on the front-end just fine. For now, I've entirely commented out the .fail() on that ajax request but would love a fix soon so we can handle when errors actually occur.

This only occurs when deployed to the production server (hosted on Microsoft Azure app service). It seems to work fine when running locally

2 years ago
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Try to delete the Lucene folder of the plugin and then click the Re-index button from the Rich Blog Administration (under the Search Settings tab).

If that does not resolve the issue, please submit a ticket and provide us with the full error message.
Best regards,
Todor Atanasov