i have question - maybe you know something about a reason this two bugs. Unfortunatelly i can't add steps how to reproduce it. I wrote to you because maybe another CLient raport similar bugs and you know solution.

Client try to make order. Register, add to carts etc. all it's fine until he try in ROPC click "confirm order". Then see error "invalid email - please add correct one" (or smth like this).

But... email is correct. Client wrote to me from this email... We have few Clients in month raport similar problem. When i try interpersonate - i can make order without any problems, but for some reason our Client see this error.

After install plugin or smth. Client when add something to cart and try go to confirm page... see "empty cart". He try this few times, but always with same reason... "something" make his cart empty.

I have similiar situation few times, but when i make on local lots changes on page. Maybe someone wrote you something similar and you know why it's works wrong? maybe something is with theme, cache, or?