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5 years ago
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Hello I have a need to change the store title from the default "Your store" to the name of my store.  I have already unchecked "Remove Default Title" under Plugins > Nop ShopAll Theme > Plugins and I have set my store name under Configuration > Stores.  However the <title> at the top of the browser window still says "Your Store".  I have also updated the SEO setting "seosettings.defaulttitle" in the Settings table in the database to my store name.  Please help as I would like to change this default text.  I am using NopCommerce version 3.20.
5 years ago
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The Remove Default Title is in the Nop Smart SEO and it removes the default store title from being added to all pages. For example if your default store title is My Store and your are on a Electronics category page, your title would be My Store - Electronics, if you do not have this setting set.

Regarding the default store title not appearing in your website, please make sure that if you have a multi store, the seosettings.defaulttitle is set for the correct store.
You do not need to go directly to the database to change this setting. You can do so from the administration of nopCommerce. For more information please watch this video:

I hope this is useful!
Milen Kovachev