Choosing Product attributes used as filters

10 years ago
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By default a size for some product, for example a t-shirt, must be a product attribute so the customer can actually choose it when purchasing it.

However, all product attributes are shown as filters when using Alfresco theme.
This is good for most cases (color, genre, use, etc) but with sizes it won't work as well.

For example, we sell products which come in sizes XS to 2XL, but also other ones in which come in sizes 40 to 56 (in increments of two), and also shoes which came in sizes 35 to 47 and 6 to 13, so when I user sees the main category, there is this huge unpractical list of sizes shown at the left to be used as filters, but it just don't work.

So, in short, is there a way to specify which products attributes are to be used as filters?
10 years ago
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There is no way to say which attributes to be shown in the filters.
But I am curious to know if this was possible what would you do? Should you hide some of the attributes and if so then how your clients will know that there are products with size 40 for example.
I think this is not correct as some of the products will be ignored this way.
There is a setting in nopCommerce to include products from subcategories. If it is possible I always recommend turning this setting off and this way you won't end up being in the top category and seeing all kind of different products. It is much better to see only the inner categories and only when you select one of the subcategories then the products from this category is shown and the Filters respectively.
Another option is to hide the attribute filters box by default.
There are new settings in the Ajax Filters, which we added last week, so you can update the Filters plugin and give it a try.

Regards, Team