Product ribbons not working properly

6 years ago
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I have two problems with this plugin on the Alfresco Theme.

1) I can add a ribbon on my site without a problem, but it doesn't take notice of the "position" I define... the ribbon always appears centered on the product image no matter what (top-left, top-right, etc don't change anything at all). So, to solve this issue i need to manually add the x,y offset for the ribbon... I can solve it like that, but why the position doesn't work?

2) Also, after I change the offset to where I want, I can see the ribbon properly, but with an "ugly" yellow circle below the ribbon. Why that circle is not present on the image but it is added dynamically? how can I turn it off?... it looks "gruesome" and covers 1/4 of the small picture of the product when you select the rectangle ribbons. The ribbon alone looks perfectly fine (when I select it I do not see the circle), I just want to remove that yellow circle.

6 years ago
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By design in the Alfresco theme we have added default styling for the Ribbons to be a yellow circle that is centered. You can change the default styling from this file:

You can simply delete everything from this file and leave it empty. This way the default common styles will be applied. You can also change them if you want from this file:

Best Regards, Support Team
Boyko Stanev