Unique category sliders for each category

2 years ago
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Hi All,

Please can you tell if it is possible to a unique slider or banner image per category. I see I can place a slider above the category level content using Anywhere Sliders > Widget Zones but this appears to keep the same slider across all categories.

If this is not possible please can you give me some advice on how I might achieve this functionality?

Many thanks in advance.
2 years ago
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You will need to create a different slider for each category. After that in the Condition tab of your slider you will need to create the following condition:

Condition Type: Category
Condition Property: Name
Operator: Equal To
Value: your category name

That should display this slider only on the category you've chosen in your conditions.

Note: Your Default State setting in the Conditions tab should be set to "Fail"
Note: You should use a widget zone that is visible on the category details page (e.g. categorydetails_top)

Hope that helps!
Anton Ivanov
2 years ago
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Hi Anton,

Thanks for the reply, I appreciate the help. Works perfectly.