Plugin ignoring "Is Global" setting

2 years ago
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I recently purchased this plugin and have been testing it to see how it works. For the most part it seems to do as it's advertised, however there seems to be a small issue which is causing some annoying problems.

There are some products where I'd like specific information related to the vehicle the product fits included (we're an auto parts website), so I've created a few SEO Templates which pertains to products in a certain category. I unchecked the "IsGlobal" flag on the template, then I added the categories and manufacturers that those products pertain to.

However, products that aren't in categories that I've defined in the template are getting the same treatment. This is unfortunately not acceptable in our case because the meta keywords in the template include vehicle-specific information, and products that don't fit that vehicle are receiving those keywords.

I've noticed another bug (is it related?) on the list of templates shown when you first click on Nop-Templates -> Plugins -> Smart Seo Plugin -> SmartSEO templates. All the templates show that "IsGlobal" is checked, even though none of them have that flag enabled inside the template.

If you require more info then please let me know. I'm using Nop 3.8.

2 years ago
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Hello Travis,

Thank you for reporting the bug that caused all the templates to show as global. We have fixed this issue in the newest version of the plugin. You can update the plugin to get this bug fix.

You can find more information on how to update a plugin in our documentation.

As for the issue you are having with the Smart SEO plugin, we cannot really help without access to your configuration so we can see what is going wrong. Can you Submit a Ticket with URL and admin credentials to your store?
Anton Ivanov