Sort By Drop Down within Store Locator
3 years ago
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I have purchased the store locator plugin and have integrated that within my customer website. My customer has 200+ distribution stores and starters I have keyed the necessary data of a dozen stores as a sample within the admin.

Default Sort By "Display Order" works upon first loading the page.
After that when Sort By is changed to "Display Name" it works as well.
BUT, if you go back and change Sort By to now "Display Order" it DOES NOT work. The store list if not refreshed. It seems this is a bug.

Does anyone has a fix to it..or a suggestion of what I might be doing wrong in this store locator configuration..

3 years ago
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Thanks for reporting this bug. We have fixed this bug in the latest version of our plugin. All you have to do is download the latest version of the Nop Store Locator plugin and update the one you are using.

You can find information on how to update a plugin in our documentation.
Anton Ivanov