upgraded from 3.7 to 3.8 - problems

7 years ago
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Hi -
I loved this product in 3.70. It worked great. Had many options.
When I upgraded to 3.80, seems I lost many options.
And it stopped working. Maybe because of these two boxes I don't know what to put in.
FYI: I don't have any themes installed.
So.. my top menu is class "top-menu" and I *think* "header_menu_before" (or top-menu) is where I want the megamenu to be. In English: I want it to integrate with the main top navigation menu as it did so easily in version 3.70.
The two boxes in the 3.80 MegaMenu that I don't know what to put in: CSS class and Widget zone. Unfortunately, widget zone only has a dropdown with two choices and neither choice seems to work to get my menus working the way they were before.
Help! Ideas?
7 years ago
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If you just upgraded to 3.8 I would suggest you take a look at the New Nop Mega Menu Plugin Documentation first. This way you can see all the new features and functionality this new plugin offers compared to the old version (3.7).

So you do not need to put anything in CSS class to make your Mega Menu Appear but you will need to  put your mega menu in content_before widget zone. Also, you will need to create your mega menu in the other tab "Menu Items" as you can see in our documentation.

Please do not hesitate to write back if you have any more problems.
Anton Ivanov