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8 years ago
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I am new to nopcommerce and have not used your themes before.  I like the electronics theme for one of our sites, but I would like to make some changes to it.  Can you tell me if making the following changes would be difficult?

- Modify the footer to look like the new default theme in NOP 3.6
- Enlarge the search box and move it next to the logo or next to the word forums?
- Turn off the sub header that has language and currency
- The very top line of the template has register, login, etc.  The left side of that line is blank, I would like to place a message on that line.  Is this possible?
- Is there a way to get the theme elements (header, footer, etc.) to extend all the way across the screen like the motion theme?

Our sites sell foods (groceries) and gifts.  If there is a more appropriate theme that I am not considering, please let me know.

8 years ago
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Maybe if you want to make so many changes to the theme you should consider buying a different theme. We offer great variety of themes which are suitable for different types of web stores. If you like you could look at our Pinterest page where you can see live stores using our themes. I don't know how you imagine your website, but maybe you should take a look at themes like the Nop Lavella Theme, Nop Native Theme, Nop Motion Theme, Nop Nitro Theme etc. 

p.s. Please keep in mind that you have different color presets for those themes, that can be customized. This gives you the opportunity to set your website colors to match the colors of your brand or products. 
Best regards,
Nikola Dragiev