Problem with applying discounts

8 years ago
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In our store we have a standard discount for those whose order subtotal is over $199. Once that is reached the price per product is reduced by $1 using the Customer has x.xx amount in their shopping cart requirement.

I have found a bug that if multiple products are added only the product that pushes the total above the amount has the discount applied. (file discount-bug-1.png)

Then if you adjust the quantity on a different product, the price of that product reflects the discounted amount, however if you adjust that product back to the original quantity the discount is once again removed.

There is also a way to manipulate this to charge the incorrect amount as well.

If I add products to the cart one at a time for example; 1 product A, 1 Product B, 1 product C, and 24 product D. The price for product D reflects the discount. (attached file discount-bug-2.png) Then adjust the quantity of the other products, the discount is then applied. (Attached file: discount-bug-3.png) Then, remove the item with 24 items that I do not want, the discount remains on the other products.(Attached file: discount-bug-4.png)

Lastly, process the order with the discounted total and the invoice total reflects the discounted amount, but the products show full price. (Attached file: order_51612.pdf) Product A + Product B + Product C = $60 but subtotal reads $53.00

Any Ideas?
8 years ago
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I suppose your discount type is Assigned To Products. This means that every product mapped to the discount will get 1 $ off per unit if the customer has spend at least 199$.
Maybe you haven't mapped some of the products to the discount and this is why their price doesn't get reduced (in this case). 

You could map product to certain discount from Catalog -> Products -> Manage Products -> You product -> Edit -> Discounts tab. 

We were unable to reproduce any of the described problems locally. If you have mapped the products to the discount and still you experience this problem we would need admin credentials, which you could provide by raising a ticket.
Iliyan Tanev
Nop-Templates Dev Team