Error on install.

5 years ago
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Hello All,
When I'm installing the theme, I get the "Best sellers" showing up on my home page, and some of these items are not for public view !, the size of the images for the categories is also enlarged. The images are kept in the database.

When I restored it back, I needed to restore the old directory tree on the server, and the database to a point-in-time before I tried to install the plug-in to get the shop back to as it was.

Any pointers what I'm doing wrong please ?

Nop version 3.4

5 years ago
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Hi Tredegar,

In order to restore your database to a certain time, you need to have a backup created at that time.

If you let us know what is exactly the issue you are having after installing the theme we will be able to help. If you need to hide the bestsellers from the home page, you only need to go to admin -> configuration -> setting -> catalog setting and uncheck the "Show bestsellers on home page" option. You can also change the categories image size from admin -> configuration -> settings -> media settings. There is really no need to restore your database, but just adjust the settings.

Looking forward to your reply!
Best Regards,

Stefan Hristov