Blog posts of '2013' 'March'

Remind, reassure, promote! Save your e-commerce sales with our new Customer Reminders plugin for nopCommerce!

Before we introduce our new Nop Customer Reminders plugin, we would like to remind you that the plugin will be added to the Nop Ultimate Plugin Collection shortly, so all customers with valid licenses to the Nop Ultimate Plugin Collection do not need to buy the plugin as they will receive it for fre...

Introducing a new nopCommerce theme roller to match the colors and style of your retail business!

Our best selling Nop Fashion Theme just received a new powerful feature, which will allow store owners, developers and web agencies to customize the look and feel of their nopCommerce fashion shop on the fly.

We are proud to introduce the new Nop Fashion Theme Roller for nopCommerce 2.8. Now you do...

The history of the Nop Ultimate Plugin Collection - guess what's coming next and win!

Our Nop Ultimate Plugin Collection has grown quite a lot since we started developing for nopCommerce more than an year ago. One of the greatest advantages of the collection over the individual plugins is that customers receive new plugins added to the collection for free. So we decided to share how ...