Remind, reassure, promote! Save your e-commerce sales with our new Customer Reminders plugin for nopCommerce!

Before we introduce our new Nop Customer Reminders plugin, we would like to remind you that the plugin will be added to the Nop Ultimate Plugin Collection shortly, so all customers with valid licenses to the Nop Ultimate Plugin Collection do not need to buy the plugin as they will receive it for free.

NopCommerce has become so powerful and feature rich that you might think that there isn't an e-commerce opportunity that can be missed with it. You have many different shipping and payment methods, a customizable checkout process, powerful tax system, discounts, customer groups, reward points, featured products, price breaks, cross sells and many other marketing and sales capabilities.

Store owners spend a lot of time setting these up and making use of them, and they should if they want their nopCommerce store to be successful. But even if you have your nopCommerce store up and running with the nicest theme and an optimized customer shopping experience, it is not uncommon to have abandoned shopping carts, registrations and even orders.

Around 70% of the customers abandon their shopping carts for example. And a big part of this does not happen because your buy button was not big enough or green enough or your checkout was too long. Some customers got distracted, some had problems with their credit card or your payment provider, some were unsure of the price, some wanted to save the items for later, some left but could not remember your url. Yet some thought that they ordered the items. In nopCommerce it is easy to place an order but not pay for it.

But now you can win all these customers back using the Nop Customer Reminders plugin. The plugin can be configured to send automatic reminder messages to:

  • Recover abandoned shopping carts
  • Recover incomplete registration
  • Recover unpaid orders

TheĀ Nop Customer Reminders plugin uses a flexible configuration framework where the store owner can specify as many reminders as they need and configure various settings for each reminder.

Nop Customer Reminders

You can specify, which customers are eligible to receive a reminder depending on when they took the action of the reminder rule (added a product to their shopping cart for example). In this particular example a reminder will be sent to all customers, who added a product to their shopping cart but did not buy it at most 30 days ago but not less than 30 minutes ago. In addition to this specific customers can be excluded from the reminder.

You can also configure the plugin to send more than one message and the interval between the messages.

In the message template you can make use of tokens like: %Store.Name%, %Customer.FullName%, %ShoppingCart.ProductsWithPictures%, etc. Some tokens are common to all reminder rules, some are specific to the currently selected reminder rule.

But that's not all. We have also thought of the more technically-savvy store owners. If none of the three predefined rules fits your reminder purpose you can add your own rule from code. To do this you need to reference the SevenSpikes.Nop.Plugins.CustomerReminders.dll, implement the IReminderRule interface and register it as a service in nopCommerce.

Once again we would like to remind you that the plugin will be added to the Nop Ultimate Plugin Collection so all customers of the Nop Ultimate Plugin Collection will receive the plugin for free.

For anyone else a free trial is available on the Nop Customer Reminders product page. Feel free to give it a try and send your valuable feedback to us.

And do not forget the three key actions to your successful nopCommerce sales: Remind, Reassure, Promote!