Blog posts of '2013' 'January'

Some of the coolest nopCommerce web sites use Nop-Templates products!

Nopcommerce has an extensive showcase of beautifully crafted and highly functional web sites:

Half of these web sites use versions of nopCommerce prior to 2.x. But there is the other half, which has been updated recently with some quite nice additi...

The future of the Dark Orange theme from nopCommerce 2.8 onwards?

Now that nopCommerce 2.8 has a new default look (Default Clean theme) a lot of nopCommerce users must be wondering what is going to happen to the previous default nopCommerce theme, the well-known Dark Orange theme. After all there are quite a few nopCommerce web sites that are using it, yet it is n...

What's new in nopCommerce 2.8?

NopCommerce 2.8 is out and here we are again with our usual digest of the more important features released with this new version.

First of all the release schedule of nopCommerce 2.8 was cut short by a month due to an important issue, which prevented SSL from working with nopCommerce on mobile devi...

Bringing nopCommerce closer to Facebook?

We have long thought about creating a nopCommerce plugin, which would automatically create a Facebook shop out of your nopCommerce online store. And I got to tell you, we like the idea a lot! But developers like to create stuff for the sake of creating it and watching it work. Fortunately as a nopCo...

Guess one of Nop-Templates Firsts and win!

We would like to say Happy New Year to everyone!

Wishing you lots of health and happiness and may you catch many good waves in the New Year, but mostly the ones you are passionate about!

We have had quite an exciting and successful 2012 and would like to celebrate this with a little quiz, which wi...