Some of the coolest nopCommerce web sites use Nop-Templates products!

Nopcommerce has an extensive showcase of beautifully crafted and highly functional web sites:

Half of these web sites use versions of nopCommerce prior to 2.x. But there is the other half, which has been updated recently with some quite nice additions using nopCommerce 2.x.

While checking the 2.x web sites, we were quite glad to find out that a few web sites were actually using our nopCommerce plugins and themes like Nop Ultimate Plugin Collection, Nop Ajax Filters, Nop Anywhere Sliders, Nop Categories Header Menu, Nop Jewelry Theme, etc.

We have decided to share these web sites as they are an excellent showcase for nopCommerce and Nop-Templates products. If you have or know a nopCommerce web site, which is at least as cool as these, drops us a line in the comments or share it on the nopCommerce show case page. If you are looking for more nopCommerce inspiration do not miss our clients page.