What's new in Nop Ajax Filters 3.0.2?

Product filtering in nopCommerce has never been a trivial task, especially when you need your filters to interact with each other, to update on the fly not only the availble products but also the available filter options. Our flagship product the Nop Ajax Filters (it was also our first commercial product) has seen a lot of attention from our development team over the two years since its launch. Most of development on the plugin was driven by our customers.

With the nopCommerce 3.0 released we are starting to see a greater number of large retailers and stores pointing their opportunistic radars in the direction of nopCommerce. Naturally we have been approached by customers who had thousands of products in a single category who required that the Nop Ajax Filters filter the products withing the range of 1 sec.

If you are familiar with the nopCommerce database schema and how the different Price Range, Specification, Attributes and Manufacturer filters interact with each other, you will know that is quite a challenge. Well...challenge accpeted!

And here we are with a brand new 3.0.2 version of the Nop Ajax Filters, which can select among thousands of products from the nopCommerce intricate database in the blink of an eye.

But that's not all. We have also enhanced the Nop Ajax Filters to work not only on a nopCommerce category page but also on a manufacturer page. Now you can make your nopCommerce manufacturer pages much more friendly to your customers, who will be able to find the products they are looking for in no time.

All our 3.0.2 nopCommerce plugins including theĀ Nop Ajax Filters have received a new sidebar menu on their administration pages in order to facilitate the administration of the plugins:

We would like to point out that the Nop Ajax Filters 3.0.2 will work on any nopCommerce 3.0 installation. If you have the plugin already installed, please uninstall it and install the new version.

We would also like to thank all our customers who shared their feedback and most importantly large real-world nopCommerce databases with us!

Next we will be enhancing the Nop Ajax Filters to work on the nopCommerce search page. So stay tuned for more new features and improvments coming out of our amazing nopCommerce development team.