What's new in Nop Ajax Filters 2.7?

Our nopCommerce 2.7 product release is happily welcoming Filter Urls, one of the new and coolest features of the Nop Ajax Filters. Filter Urls was a long awaited and most requested feature and the only reason for not implementing it earlier is because it was just not easy. So we did put quite a lot of effort in one feature but please read on to see why it was worth it.

Now the Nop Ajax Filters not only use ajax for speed and usability but also build a url in the browser with all the filter criteria and steps applied by the customer. In this way nopCommerce customers will no longer lose their filter selection once they navigate away from the product list page. Imagine that your are shopping for your favorite products and have just finished applying the filter criteria that you need to have only the products you are interested in. Once you have your product list, you would like to examine the products by going to each product details page. Up until now, navigating away from the product list (category) page and going back to it meant having to apply the filter criteria all over again, which could be quite frustrating to the customers. With the Filter Urls feature this is no longer a problem because when customers go back to the product list page their last filter selection will be immediately applied, showing them only the products that they searched for. Best of all by using the browser back button nopCommerce customers have a complete step-by-step history of all the filter criteria they have applied. This means that they can revert to a previously applied filter set at any time, should they need to correct their filter selection.

But this is not all because as useful as this feature is to the customers it is equally beneficial to the store owners. Now the nopCommerce store owners can use the Filter Urls in the Nop Ajax Filters to link to a pre-filtered set of products from other pages of their web site or from other web sites, like social networks and product aggregators for example. In this way they have more power and flexibility when implementing their SEO strategy.

If you would like to try the product do checkout the Nop Ajax Filters at our demo store or download the trial version here. Do not forget that the Nop Ajax Filters are part of our unique collection of nopCommerce plugins, which will save you tons of coding and design time on your nopCommerce projects.

NopCommerce 2.8 will be released at the beginning of February. But we intend to release new and exciting additions to our nopCommerce theme and plugin product line before that, which means that they will be available for nopCommerce 2.7. So stay tuned and please drop us a line with your suggestions and feedback either on our contact page or user voice portal.