Welcome to the new Nop-Templates web site!

We are glad to announce the availability of the Nop-Templates.com e-commerce web site. As the name implies our goal is to develop and provide the nopCommerce community with themes and extensions for the nopCommerce platform, which at the time of this writing stands as the best open-source shopping cart software in the .Net world.
The constantly growing nopCommerce community and the evolution of the platform itself has raised the demand for quality nopCommerce themes and extensions. Every good platform can not be successful without the help of its community and software vendors. So with our extensive experience in successfully creating nopCommerce customizations and helping so many customers and businesses to run their e-commerce web sites, we feel that it is our duty to create nopCommerce software and offer it to the community.

The Nop-Templates.com web site is now live and several plugins, most of them free, are available for download immediately! There is also a theme for nopCommerce 2.x and several other themes are on their way to be released in the following weeks.You can also take a look at our plugins and play with them on their plugin demo pages. All plugins are nopCommerce 2.x ready and are so easy to integrate and customize to meet your or your clients e-commerce needs.
Our intention is to back the products on the Nop-Templates.com web site with strong and informative nopCommerce technical content, which includes documentation, articles, videos, etc.. So stay tuned for useful information to be published in the coming weeks.
In addition, our support team welcomes you to ask any questions you might have about our products and our sales team is open to discuss any other services you might need.

Extending nopCommerce and contributing to its future as the best open source e-commerce platform has never been easier!