The Nop-Templates 2.6 release is here!

We are exited to let our customers and followers know that we have just released all our products for nopCommerce 2.6.

The highlights of this release are:

  • Support for nopCommerce 2.6 - our plugins and themes now support nopCommerce 2.6. For more information on what is new in nopCommerce 2.6 please read this article.
  • Native theming support - all our nopCommerce plugins can now be themed in the same way as nopCommerce itself. This is a very important feature having in mind that there are more and more custom themes being developed for nopCommerce. nopCommerce developers are gradually moving from the not-so-good practice of customizing nopCommerce by directly changing its sources to customizations done via themes. Therefore we have made the integration of our plugins in any theme extremely easy.
  • Support for the nopCommerce Classic Theme - as the theming support has made styleing the plugins straightforward, we have decided to ship the plugins already styled not only for the DarkOrange theme but also for the nopCommerce Classic Theme.
  • Improved plugin integration - nopCommerce 2.6 has a much better and simpler widget architecture and has made it possible for widgets to integrate in many more locations. Therefore we have changed our plugins which have widget support to maintain this new widget architecture, making the previous manual integration of the plugins obsolete. What the non-technical store owners should get out of this is that most of the plugins can now be much more easily integrated directly from the nopCommerce administration panel.
  • New features in the Nop Ajax Filters - while these were shipped in the later stages of nopCommerce 2.5 as part of customers' requests, we have decided to wait till nopCommerce 2.6 to announce it officially. The Nop Ajax Filters now support discounts and taxes. We have also done quite a few performance optimizations via the nopCommerce caching mechanism.


As part of our nopCommerce 2.6 development we plan to release some new stuff this week. But more on this in the up coming blog posts.