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10 years ago

Hi, sorry if this is answered in another plase, but i need to know if there is a plugin or configuration that I can do for have a value of the specification edited in the product page, because i have a lot of options about the specificaction of the product,

i mean a functionality like the mod showed here

And could be great if you have a plugin for upload downloadable information of the product (in a new tab) to download manuals, firmware updates, and so on.

This for v2.6, because is the version that we use.

Thank you!

10 years ago

Hi, that works.

Thank you.

10 years ago

Hello Ivan, you are correct. I use 2.6, it's possible to  install a newer version of your products if i run 2.6 version of nopCommerce? till what version of the templates and plugins?  

What's the best way to edit and update the code of the plugins? because i can't saw it in the nopcommerce project, simple add existing and then compile with the solution?

Thank you.

10 years ago

Hi, I found another text that I can't translate, is in the ajax cart, the windows that shows the items (the notification box), I can't translate the label of the "checkout" button.

I changed all other labels with:


And replace the close-window.gif with one without the label, but i can't find any resourceName for the checkout button.

Could you give me a tip for this?

Thank you.

10 years ago

Hi, I changed the Themes\Electronics\Views\Catalog\SearchBox.cshtml
Line 13 from:

<input type="submit" class="searchButtonClass" id="btn-small-search" value="Search" name="btnSearch" @(Model.AutoCompleteEnabled ? Html.Raw(" autocomplete=\"off\"") : null) />

        <input type="submit" class="searchButtonClass" id="btn-small-search" value="@T("Search")" name="btnSearch" @(Model.AutoCompleteEnabled ? Html.Raw(" autocomplete=\"off\"") : null) />

This works now.

Thank you.

10 years ago

well, looks like that didn't work, because i already changed it but in the home page shows "search". I changed that a few days ago and in the developing machine, so the iis was reseted a lot of times.

10 years ago

Hello, Ok, thank you.

Could you give me the LocaleStringResource.resourcename of the token, because searching in the admin for that token is realy difficult, so i prefere changing in the database directly.

Thank you .

10 years ago

Hi, we need some changes in the electronics theme (we have the 2.6 version), we need to translate the "search" button of the header to another language.

And we want to change all the green base colors to blue.

Could you give us some tips where to change?.

thank you.

11 years ago

I have the electronics theme (nopCommerce 2.5), and I just started to test it, after a few tests i stuck in an error,

I can't saw the ajax filter in the items, but if i put the check in the item: "Enable Automatic Integration:", after the refresh of the site, i received:

The following sections have been defined but have not been rendered for the layout page "~/Plugins/SevenSpikes.Nop.AjaxFilters/Views/Shared/_ColumnsThree.cshtml": "AnywhereSliders".

I don't remember touched anything on the source code, so, i think that  i don't need to do the manual integration.

Do you have any tip to fix that?

Thank you in advance.