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8 years ago

The public site is
You can see it there

My Firefox is 44.0.2

I re-installed the Skype add-in yesterday, however we have had the bug for a while

8 years ago

If a user has the Skype Click to Call add-in loaded in Firefox, the Nopsmart footer repeats the Phone icon 6 times. 
is it possible to fix this. It's pretty easy to repro this.
1) install nopcommerce
2) install nop-smart theme
3) Create a phone number in admin module ( Make sure that the phone number is recognizable to Skype i.e. 1300 394 123
if you put text in the number it wont be recognized by Skype and wont be a problem in nopsmart
e.g. +111 (Mobile) 012345

3) install Skype add-in to Firefox
4) Open your nop-smart themed site in Firefox
You will see the phone icon repeated 6 times

8 years ago

In add product, it would be good to have an add by Product SKU , similar to the Product admin module where you can jump straight to SKU. This would make it much easier for me to add products. I have many products with similar names so the existing search capability in JCarousel for add product does not suit.