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4 years ago

I'd like to remove the "Our Shops" title above the store locator map. It takes up too much space on the page. I have removed it from the two instances in the Resources.en-us within the plugin but it still shows on the screen. Can someone tell me where to find it or how I can remove this?

Update: I found "Our Shops" in the NOP string resources, and was able to edit, but not delete the title, which would be preferred. Any suggestions?

You can see the sizing issue at

I have attempted to reset the JCarousel image size on the front page of our site that uses the Lighthouse theme. I'm using "The images of the items in the carousel are resized according to the "Product thumbnail image size (catalog)" setting in the category settings". I am attempting this in NOP 4.0 under product. It is not working. What am I missing?