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3 years ago

Has any progress been made on this. We are getting lots of spam emails because it looks like there is no recaptcha facility.


Hi, We have a NopCommerce 4.20 installation with the Native Theme and Ajax Cart. We keep seeing the following error in the Error log.

Error 404. The requested page (/shoppingcart/productdetails_attributechange) was not found

There are no additional details in the full Error message,its just empty.

I believe in previous versions of NopCommerce this was due to case sensitivity in the page request and the resolution was to make it all lower case. I have have scanned the whole of the source code looking for any differences but none where found, so just wondered if the compiled plugin was still using the version with different case. It does not appear to cause any issue with the actual checkout process but is filling the log with quite a few entries.

Any advice on this would be kindly appreciated

Matt Hobson

4 years ago

As Twitter widgets are now depreciated (, is there any other way of placing your twitter feed on your website, without having to update the website to embed the code. Will the Native Theme be updated to allow a code snippet to be added instead of the twitter widget ID ?

Kind Regards
Matt Hobson