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one year ago

Hi! Thanks for your response.

Is there any possibility to get a custom version of your theme by paying the development in order to support the 3.60 version?

one year ago

Hi! I really love this template, but my store is on v3.60 so I am not able to use it :(. I want to know if you plan to support this version in the near future. Keep the good work! Greetings.

I downloaded the trial version of Smart Product Collections 3.6 and tested it in a site that has the Smart theme installed. I noted that I also need the css/styles for this plugin in order to adapt it to the Smart theme, because it shows broken in the default theme for nopCommerce.
I wanted to know if there is a way to get it.

Thank you in advance and please continue with your brilliant work!

Dario Javier Lencina