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6 years ago

By default, Ajax Filters hold filter data in url.

For example:!#-!41!-#!1!#-!6&pageSize=6&viewMode=grid&orderBy=0

Is it possible to disable it to keep url "pretty"?

hristian.dimov wrote:


Could you please submit a ticket and provide a URL to your store and admin credentials to it so that we can inspect it?

Looking forward to your reply!

Sorry for late answer. Problem turned out to be conflict between shop settings and plugin.

Problem occurs with both Ajax Cart enabled and shoppingcartsettings.displaycartafteraddingproduct set to true.

(NOP 3.7)

I encountered weird problem on Azure web application with azure when adding product to cart, nothing in logs.

1. Add to cart popup
2. Product added to cart
3. Empty popup instead of summary with "go to cart".


So I downloaded database bacpac to debug, and it works on local SQL Express. It also works for another azure instance with same codebase, theme and plugin set.
I managed to replicate issue by connecting to Azure database from local instance under debug, execution is not reaching ProductAddedToCartPopupDialog.cshtml, to test I edited it to empty <div class="productAddedToCartWindow">Hello!</div>, still empty popup.

Apparently something weird goes wrong in plugin code and instead of being logged returns null.

Any ideas?

8 years ago


My team found 2 bugs in Lavella theme on Search pages.
First one makes "Buy" button unclickable on the product list (fix: change button z-index to higher) + "Quick View" button looks like it is "cut" on the right side.
Second one happens when you have "QuickView" plugin installed and search some products on mobile layout. Quickview buttons are moved over buy button and price + buy button seems to be moved too.

Here I post some screenshots with layout problems:

Best regards,
Artur Zoremba.