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8 years ago

I figured it out. I had put the default view as list.

8 years ago

I want it to look like this

two columns

8 years ago

I am trying to get two column theme on my products page but cant seem to get it to work.

On my new products page it has two columns.

However on my actual product pages it is not showing up.
Which view do I need to change?  Looks like it is set at twocolumns from my observation.

8 years ago

Ok found my problems, helps if i edit the views in the theme folder :)

This MVC is pretty slick.

I am trying to put it on my home page as well but its not showing up.

I added my slider in the anywhere sliders plugin
and then copied the snippet into the index.cshtml file and I am seeing nothing.

I put the right name down of the slider I gave it, but its not showing up
I am using nop 2.5 and the new shop all theme.

I am sure i did something wrong, not sure what though :)