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10 years ago


We currently use the "old" fashion theme with nop 2.7. I'm very excited about the upcoming 3.0 release. We could certainly use the multi-store functionality. I have a couple of questions:

1) Are the fashion and neofashion theme fully going to support multi-store? For example can adjust the slider on the home page per store?

2) Do I need the Multiple Domains License for multi-store (we will use multiple domains), or will you introduce a new "multi-store" license?

3) we currently have a single domain license, can I renew to multiple domain license?

4) what if we want to switch to the NeoFashion theme, do we have a upgrade price?

5) I saw theme roller on the Fashion theme, I think its great! But we will have different people managing  stores and changing colors and background must be very easy.
I would be great if we could use the theme roller on our own site directly and could set and save specific presets per store. Do you plan for such functionality?

6) are you going to include Customer Reminders with "old" fashion theme anytime soon?

7) are you going to adjust the  "old" fashion theme to the new HTML\CSS markup like NeoFashion  anytime soon?

Sorry for all these questions :-)

10 years ago

Hello Boyko,

Please update the Ajax Filters to its latest version as we made some improvements in the caching.
Please refer to this article for the update.

I forget to mention that I already tried that, it made little difference unfortunately.

As to the speed please note that the Ajax Filters do much more than the default filters in nopCommerce - i.e take the discounts into account, calculate the available sort options based on the current selection etc. This means that there is no way to make the Filters work as fast as the default nopCommerce filters, which simply filter the products.

In the ajax filter plugin settings I only have checked "Enable Specifications Filter". At the moment we DONT need attribute,  manufacturer or prices filters. We even dont show prices in the catalog view. If I check "Ignore discounts (sitewide)" in the catalog settings the performance problem is solved so the problem really is in the price calculation, this can be very slow with nopCommerce version 2.7 to 2.8 if you have a lot of products and/or discount rules. (see

To overcome this problem I already made a small code change which had a huge positive impact on the performance. I'm asking you to reconsider to making a small code change so that when I only have checked "Enable Specifications Filter" all other unnecessary code is not executed (prices/discount logic).

I already tested with disabling the following lines in \Plugins\SevenSpikes.Nop.AjaxFilters\Themes\Fashion\Views\Catalog7Spikes\CategoryTemplate.ProductsInGridOrLines.cshtml

@Html.Hidden("priceRangeFromJson", Model.PriceRangeFromJson)
@Html.Hidden("priceRangeToJson", Model.PriceRangeToJson)

This improved performance alot, but unfortunately when I call the filter the first time in a category the page fails to load.

Really hope you can help as we see loading speed as a very important commercial aspect of our site.

Greetings, Milo

10 years ago

I have also slow loading with nopCommerce 2.7 and Fashion theme with ajax filters enabled.
Filtering takes up to 5 seconds and sometimes (seems random) more then 10 seconds even when the page is already in cache. With the standard nopCommerce filtering is fast  (< 1 sec).

Our site runs on a fast dedicated VPS, with 3 cores and 4GB ram. I only have enabled  the Specifications Filter in the settings of the ajax filter.

We have multiple variants per products, tier prices and discount rules.
In the catalog controller i have made adjustment for loading categories. This helped reduced the page load considerbly (not for the ajax filtering) Maybe this helps resolve the issue?

/* added preparePiceModel parameter, set to false (performance reasons) */
model.Products = PrepareProductOverviewModels(products,false).ToList();

Please take a look at and try out a filter. We want to keep the pageload < 1 sec.

thanks, it works now!
please update in future releases.

10 years ago


I modified the login page, added the following lines:

@using Nop.Core;
@using Nop.Core.Infrastructure;
@using Nop.Core.Infrastructure.DependencyManagement;


    //register URL with return URL (if specified)
    var registerUrl = Url.RouteUrl("Register");
    if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(this.Context.Request.QueryString["returnUrl"]))
        var webHelper = EngineContext.Current.Resolve<IWebHelper>();
        registerUrl = webHelper.ModifyQueryString(registerUrl, "returnurl=" +       HttpUtility.UrlEncode(this.Context.Request.QueryString["returnUrl"]), null);

Unfortunately still not working!(?) After I register, I'm sent back to the homepage.
This is also the case on your demo of the fashion theme.
Should the code also be added to the Register.cshtml page? It seems it doesn't recieve the returnurl parameter?

Many thanks!

Hi Ivan,

Can you specify the changes in code or only the name of the files which are modified?
This would help me alot because I currently have a lot of changes in CSS and views and I don't have any merge tool (currently working in notepad :-) )



I'm working on a upgrade to 2.7 with the fashion theme.
If a guest wants to check-out and registrers the users is redirected to the homepage instead of the check-out page.

This is issue should be resolved in standard nopCommerce 2.7 (i checked it works with the default theme). There is ReturnUrl specified in the Fashion but doesn't work.
I noticed that the url's are different, maybe this helps.

standard nopC:     /login/checkoutasguest?returnUrl=%2Fcart
fashion theme:      /login?ReturnUrl=%2fcart

Note: I dont use the one-page checkout.

Please give me a solution and fix this in the next release.

10 years ago


I currently working on a upgrade to 2.7 with the fashion theme.
If we add text to a topic, the default css styles are applied (.a, .p ect).
But the default style is set for category navigation (?)
For example the link style is set to:

    color: #000000;
    text-decoration: none;

For paragraph's, there's no new line after the paragraph.

I could ofcourse easily change this but then the navigation style also changes (dont want that)
It is also undesirable to change the formatting in the topic, because it's need to be easy editable for users without any HTML/CSS knowledge.

Can you give a solution for the problem? And fix this in future versions?