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5 years ago

Dear Nop Templates team

We are running our online shop with Nop 3.8 and the Nop Native theme. We tried now to integrate the GDPR Plugin but were running into problems with it.
On the default theme it works fine but once we use the Native theme the errors are showing up. So here my questions: 1. Can you check where the problem with the plugin could be on version 3.8? As well if you tell me it works with version 4.0 then of course I would be willing to buy the 4.0 template. Cheers HP Hartmann

7 years ago

Awesome! I'm looking forward to it :)

7 years ago

I saw that the  Pavilion Theme will be  updated to NopCommerce 3.8 by the end of the week. Does this apply as well for all themes especially the Native theme?

Thanks for your great work!