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8 years ago

How about adding some indexed widget zones to the mega menu or similar so the HTML widget plugin can be used to inject content within a div in the drop down? I'd rather not hack the views. This could work similar to the featured image nop slider injected in the tiffany theme? 

Also we are working on a multi vendor store and the client would like to acheive something similar to this site with the menu ..  Designers = Manufacturers, Boutiques = Vendors. Currently these are displayed as a flat list by the mega menu of the top X. We could create a topic but that would be a maintenance pain.

8 years ago

We have a requirement to show "recently sold products" on the home page carousel. The products are very high value unique items (like an auction house) so the items will no longer be available but we want to show the kinds of things people are buying.

8 years ago

We have used the mega menu and themes on a few sites now and a common request is to include links in the drop downs for "New In" (products flagged as new) and "Sale" (products with discounts or higher previous prices) similar to what you can define for product ribbons. These would appear as if under a phantom sub category and apply to all product under the parent.

This would avoid shop admins from having to create categories for "New in" and "Sale" and constantly mapping products in and out.