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3 months ago

I'm adding product videos as attachments in the "productdetails_overview_top" widget zone and the image thumbnails appear extremely small when the products are viewed. I've tested multiple browser (Chrome, FireFox, Safari)and the issue remains the same,

We are running nopcommerce 3.9 with Nop Attachments 3.9.

5 months ago

I would like to palace a PDF file in a Quick Tab that will open in a new window when clicked. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

7 months ago


Thank you for the quick response. I made the changes that you suggested and it did improve the search results for search terms that are contained in the product name.

I will contact nopCommerce directly to attempt to resolve the tag exact match issue.

7 months ago

Is it possible to change Instant Search to use a broad match so that it would return all results containing the search terms in any order and not necessarily together?

Also, I need this functionality to search in only the product name and tags only. As our product descriptions contain far to many shared terms.

For example:
Product Name or Tag contains "billet steel yoke"
Search term = "billet yoke"

Using broad match, Search would return the product with a match



7 months ago

Using instant search with a product tag returns the expected results. However, the results do not transfer/appear on the Search page results when "Enter" is hit or the Search symbol is clicked.

Is there a fix for this?