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ACL Problem
10 days ago

We have a problem with the ProductLoadAllPagedNopAjaxFilters procedure.

Have you hard-coded the standard nopCommerce ACL logic into the stored procedure? We have extended the ACL with our own code but this means that your procedure now returns the wrong results. This is really bad. :(

I've opened  a nop 2.8 solution in VS2013 to add some functionality to a megamenu.

However when I open megamenu.cshtml I the sevenspikes model is not found due to a reference error to the Sevenspikes dll.

I tried adding the dll as a reference but it didn't work.

Any help on this?


7 years ago

We have a problem on our site and it seems that the Mega Menu items are cached globally.

This is the scenario:
If I log in as a user with full access, 4 product categories are visible. I then log out and log in as a user with access to 2 of these 4 categories; I still see the 4 categories.

When I log in as admin and clear the cache in another browser and reloads, everything looks fine, my user can see 2 of the 4 categories as expected. However, when I log out and log in with my user with full access to the 4 categories, that user only sees 2 categories. Of course when I clear the cache as admin in another browser and reloads the user sees all 4 categories again.

This is my conclusion:
Depending on the cached values, many of our customers who should be able to buy from all four categories will never be able to enter these categories.

To those users who do not have access to all categories can see the ones they shouldn't.

My question:
How can I fix this?

If I cant, what is the point with ACL support?

Best regards,
Peter Larsson!