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Multi Store
4 years ago

Ok, I've so much problem with licences ...
2 stores and only 1 licence.
I dont wnat to buy another one because I don't wnat to keep this theme still for a long time.
I think I have to broke the link to this theme in the second store for now. It will maybe solve that issue in fact :) Luc

Multi Store
4 years ago

thank you

AS alreaady said I don't be able to create a ticket. Moreover I've still an old version Nop 3.50). I wanted to upgrade Nop and theme at the end of this year only and if all is right before.
What could I do with actual versions of my codes please?

Multi Store
4 years ago


I've a problem to solve please.

I've Nop 3.50 with the right Alfresco theme and 2 stores
The first one is
The second one is

When I change settings in : "Manufacturer Menu Settings"
in "Nop Mega Menu Settings " tab
for the first one, It changes the second as well
Even I change the second one, the first changes too.

I precise "Multi-store configuration for " is set rightly each time with the right store.

Could you have any idea please ?


4 years ago

thank you
I've all installed, step by step, version after version.
My problem is here.

Page not found and wrong url (duplicate of country code ...)
I must test some issue ... After that I could say whether all will be right for Alfresco too ... Luc

4 years ago

ok that helps me.

I have to do Alfresco's update one after one.

I've just found the 3.2 Alfreco's sql script as well.
I process now ...

4 years ago

I've the package of ALFRESCO with installation of (3.30, 3.40 and 3.50).

I had already ALFRECO for NOP 3.10.

I've just updated NOP from 3.10 to 3.5. I've installed data of ALFRESCO 3.5. My question is about each files 7spikes_upgrade.sql. This one of 3.5 is empty (no update to do). This one of 3.4 is empty as well (no problem, no update to do). But this one of 3.2 has SQL rows to launch. I have not this one of 3.10 !!!
Where could I find it please ?
Moreover, have these Alfresco SQL update requests to be ran or not ?
Are they already included in NOP database updatings? Luc