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7 years ago

I can't.

"You can submit a ticket only for the products you have a valid license for.
Here is the list of products for which you have valid licenses and for which you can submit a ticket.
Please select the product(s) from the list below by clicking on them!"

Im trying the 3.7 trial version, latest one.

7 years ago


Im trying 3.7 trial plugin and no matter what category I go, the result is always the same, a popup with "No products found".

The getFilteredProducts ajax call is OK, returning 200.

Can you help?

7 years ago

One more question. 

Why the ajax cart plugin doesnt work on mobile devices? Is there a way to enable it?

7 years ago

Can you show me how to do it?


7 years ago

iliyan.tanev wrote:

Maybe it is a selector problem. Make sure that your wishlist button selector is the same as the specified in the AjaxCart -> Settings.

I mean.. the productbox wishlist button is working good, only the dynamically ajax inserted that is not.

Both productbox html content are exactly the same, same tags, same styles, etc.

Is there a JS function that I need to force call after ajax content loaded?

7 years ago


Im adding some dynamic products to categorypage but the wishlist button is not receiving your script. For buy button I just replaced the default html tags with your code, applied to the button and it worked. The wishlist is appear to be the same, with or without your plugin activated.

Can you help 

7 years ago


When this view is used? When customer add a product to wishlist? I have customized it and appears it is never called!

Latest 3.7 trial version.


7 years ago

Hi Staff!

Is there a way to you customize your plugin with this code? We need to show the "Sold out" products always on the lastests positions of filter or category list.

(product.ManageInventoryMethod == ManageInventoryMethod.ManageStock && product.BackorderMode == BackorderMode.NoBackorders && product.AllowBackInStockSubscriptions && product.StockQuantity <= 0) || (product.ManageInventoryMethod == ManageInventoryMethod.ManageStockByAttributes && product.ProductAttributeCombinations.Sum(p => p.StockQuantity) <= 0 && product.ProductAttributeCombinations.Where(p => p.AllowOutOfStockOrders).Count() == 0)

This is what our nop customization does, check these criterias to display or not the "SOLD OUT" product image icon.

So, when we filter some category using your plugin, some sold out products appears in list. These criteria should always be applied after any filter or order.. for example, low to highest prices, then the sold out products without any order in list´s end.

Apparently the easiest way is put it in your ProductLoadAllPagedNopAjaxFilters stored procedure, but it is encrypted.

Is that possible? This is a requirement to allow us use your plugin. We are trying the 3.7 version.

If it has any cost, let me know how to pay.


7 years ago

Hi! we have customized the ProductOverviewModel model adding a new partial class inside Nop.Web project. So, our theme plugin is overriding the PrepareProductOverviewModels to send value to new attributes. When we are testing your filter plugin, it is working great, but the new attributes are null. Is there a way to fix it? Do you have a custom method too? How to override it?


7 years ago