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11 years ago

Ok then ... I simply noticed view as [grid/list] was not part of fashion them, I only chose a different theme (basic nop classic) in the administration area to see how it worked with it. Everything else was on but it did not work. As you say we can modify, we will attempt to add it back to fashion theme and hopefully it will work.

Sorry to bother you.

11 years ago

Support wrote:

Your link always redirects to this page, so we can't see the exact issues but we think we know what is wrong.
It seems that this is caused because you are trying to integrate the Nop Ajax Filters  from the Fashion theme into the default nopCommerce DarkOrange theme. Note that the Ajax Filters that come with the Fashion theme are intended to be used only within the same theme and won't work outside it. If you want to try the Filters with the Default nopCommerce theme then you need to download the Trial version of the Filters and install them instead of the ones that comes with the Fashion theme.

You're right, the site is setup to redirect to a different page unless you are from an approved ip address.

And you are correct again the Nop Ajax Filters are from the fashion theme. When we purchased the fashion theme it did not state that the extensions used were modified and only good for that theme as you say. We though we were getting all the extensions + theme for that price, and actually we purchased multi web site license (close to double the price) as our intent was to always use it as a base but change when required. We want to be able to modify so for example we can change and use "view by [grid/list]" option. This presents a problem as again this was not clearly stated. Below is copied directly from the fashion theme overview. It does not state it is different version then if purchased separately or in ultimate extension pack (unless it's different there too!) which we would have probably purchased instead.

"Nop Ajax Filters which add powerful filtering capabilities to your category pages. The Nop Ajax Filters include Sliding Price Range, Specifications, Manufacturers and even Attributes filters. These filters can be easily managed from the nopCommerce administration panel and build their filtering ranges and options automatically from your categories and products information."

Any suggestions? Our purchase was made based on information presented on the site.

Please keep in mind, you have done a great job and it works great and looks great. My concern is strictly with the functionality of what we purchased.

11 years ago

Support wrote:
On the picture you have given it seems that you are using the Fashion theme and not the default nopComerce 2.4 theme. Can you confirm that?
Also it seems that you are using the Ajax Cart plugin too. Can you confirm that?
As to the center product message "You are running a Trial version of Nop Ajax Cart" you get it because you are running a Trial version of the Ajax Cart plugin.
It is not a but it is just how our trials work.
Our trial versions are for evaluation purposes only and show this message from time to time. When you switch to the the paid version you won't get these messages any more.
If possible could you also provide a link to your web site, so that we can investigate the issue.

You are correct, I posted the wrong image

Here is the site link if you want to go look

Here is the correct image as well.

Yes paid version of nop ajax filters.

11 years ago


When using the classic theme for nopcomm 2.4 I see I have a "view as [grid/list]" option.

I purchased the fashion theme and was wondering why it was not an included option?

11 years ago


I'm using the default classic nopcomm 2.4 theme and have the "view as [grid/list]" option on for category view. I also have Nop Ajax Filters installed but when switching to view as list option I receive a pop up error stating:
There are no products for the filters that you selected. Please widen your search criteria.

But no filters were even selected, only switching the view as to list caused this

Here is an image link if it will help. (center product)

11 years ago

When adding to the cart from the category or manufacturer pages for example. When a product has added attributes you provide a fly out window.

It would be a nice option to have a 'quick view' button in place of quantity / add to cart button for all products and when clicked the fly out view pops up and you can view product details maybe larger image and quantity / add to cart button.

Basically a product details view without having to be redirected to actual product page.

11 years ago

Will this be a stand alone product or will it be added to your Ultimate Extensions package? What about themes? Will it be added to them?


11 years ago

Support wrote:

The problem is fixed now.
You can download the package again from your Order download link.
This link always points to the latest version of the plugin.
Then extract the 2.4 version of the plugin.
Copy the actual plugin file from:

and replace the one in your nopCommerce installation Plugins folder:

Then restart your application and it should be fine!

Please note that you don't have to uninstall the plugin as it will delete all the tables in the database!!!

Please let us know if everything is OK.

Best Regards,
Nop-Templates Support Team

I assume this is true for anyone? I bought the fashion theme which includes Quicktabs. If I re-download this from myaccount product downloads I'll get the newest version right?