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10 months ago

Could you please let me know size of the images for category as per your demo air 1 and ideal size of a product picture.


Hi Stefan,

Thank you very much, we removed the pop up and everything works fine now.



here is one that works fine -

and the one that has problems -

looking forward to your reply,

We have NopCommerce 3.2 and have 2 sites using same version and same template (Alfresco). While one site works fine, we noticed that on the other site sometimes links on the top (login, basket, wishlist, register) do not work properly. They become unresponsive, especially when site is accessed on the smartphone.

Any idea what the problem might be and how to solve it?

thanks and regards,

3 years ago

by the way I am looking at our other site on the same version of NopCommerce and with a same template that works well, and it has only one process running 

Process Info
PID/Name:          323380 - w3wp
Start/Uptime:      6/18/2015 5:56:36 AM - 23:26:44
CPU Time:          00:07:38
Working set (memory):  453.89 MB

3 years ago


We are using NopCommerce 3.2 and Alfresco Template for it. We have a problem that application pool on our site stops by itself and the site can not be loaded until we manually start it again. We moved from Personal Class server to Business Class thinking that it is a memory issue, but the problem persists here too. Looking at the control panel this what it says regarding the working memory if that helps you recognize the problem.

Process Info {2 processes)
PID/Name:              522808 - w3wp
Start/Uptime:          6/19/2015 4:48:17 AM - 00:07:06
CPU Time:              00:10:17
Working set (memory):  949.85 MB

PID/Name:               159836 - w3wp
Start/Uptime:           6/19/2015 4:54:00 AM - 00:01:22
CPU Time:               00:01:42
Working set (memory):  443.78 MB

Has anybody had a similar issue or has any idea how to resolve and isolate the problem, thanks!