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Good day.

I am using Nopcommerce 3.3 and Nop Playground Responsive Theme 3.3. The previous release Nopcommerce 3.2 and Nop Playground Responsive Theme 3.2.

I faced with problems with release 3.3:

Plugin "Nop Anywhere Sliders".
Right now web site supports multiple languages (currently 2).
After adding banners for each language site, the home page they are displayed simultaneously (one for each language). In the 3.2 release was no such problem.

The problem with the release of 3.2 and 3.3:

"Nop Ajax Filters".

Section: "Unit Price Range Filter".
The filter uses in his work base prices. After registration, the customer on the web site, he/she assigned rates from the "Tier prices" (they are respectively displayed on the website, that open access to ACL), but "Price Range Filter" continues to operate basic prices.

I do not know the origin of this problem:

The site presents the items in individually color packages and in "Master carton".
Goods in "Master carton" are based on the "Product attributes", the attribute "Master carton" and its parameters:

Is Required - Yes
Control type - Radio button list
Attribute value type - Associated to product
Associated product - Product1 (Product1 uses price from section "Tier prices" and basic price equal 0)
Product quantity - 20
Name - Product1 (20 pcs)
Is pre-selected - Yes

Finally, on the page of product list price of goods is equal to 0, at the same time, if you go to the product page or use the "Nop Quick View", the price displayed correctly.

I am looking forward for any feedback and thank you for your help in advance.