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5 years ago

Support wrote:

Hi lnetdev5,

We have fixed that and it had been deployed on our site. In order to integrate the fix just download the theme again and replace the following files with the ones from the downloaded package:



and all the files in the Themes\Alfresco\Content\css folder.

Thanks again for your feedback!

Best Regards!

Thanks a lot. I really appreciate that.

5 years ago

We've this alfresco theme, lately we checked it
via mobile, ipad actually, but i guess same problem happens also from

if it's adjusted to mobile, how the users can view the upped details on each product
in correct way? also there is buttons on it, and even if you succeeded to get this popup it's
almost impossible to click on those buttons..

any known solution?

6 years ago

I and on behalf INAHMIAS
would like to thank you very much BOYKO for that excellent tip,
it did the work.

now the manufacturers filter div disappear when all the specific specification options went unchecked as we wanted, but afcourse if the user already checked some of the options in the manufacturers filter div it will remain checked in the background and we'll still have filtered by manufacturer results.
when we disable (diplay: none) the manufacturer div we want to simulate a click on the "clearFilterOptions" <a> button, but trying to do so with click() on the <a> element or by cutting the "manFilters=" from the query string corrupted the whole ajax filters and we get stuck with endless loading animation.

Any tip for that issue and how to achieve our goal?

hello, wanted to know if there is anyway to disable the nop ajax filters in the manufacturer page??
no admin option, and i'm having difficults to find the relevance changes in the plugin views or any views..

any help?

6 years ago

we checking nop ajax plugin, and trying to adjust it for our needs.
is it too complicated to change the filters group panels to regular divs instead of dropdowns and the spec options in each to sort of div buttons? when trying to do so the filtering stop working afcourse, i guess because the class names and their mean for the minified javascript of nopAjax.

someone already did it? can one guide me in general to achieve my goal?