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OK - just to clarify:

1) My new theme is "\My-Beauty", a copy of the "Themes\Beauty" folder. I've configured "My-Beauty" according to the Designer's Guide

2) I create a copy of "\Plugins\SevenSpikes.Theme.Beauty" folder in Plugins

3) I rename this folder to "\Plugins\SevenSpikes.Theme.My-Beauty"

When the My-Beauty theme is selected in back-end, the system automatically picks up the new "\Plugins\SevenSpikes.Theme.My-Beauty" folder, and no further configurations are required?

It would seem to me some adjustments might need to be made to:

a) SevenSpikes.Theme.My-Beauty\Description.txt (e.g., SystemName: SevenSpikes.Theme.Beauty)  
b) SevenSpikes.Theme.My-Beauty\Settings.xml
c) SevenSpikes.Theme.My-Beauty\SupportedWidgetZones.xml
d) SevenSpikes.Theme.My-Beauty\Resources\Resources.en-us.xml

Thanks for any further help.


Very helpful -- thanks!

Does the unedited SevenSpikes.Theme.Beauty plugin interfere with creating custom themes based on the Beauty Theme (copy & paste)? Do namespaces/configuration settings need to be re-mapped to new theme name?

I've installed Beauty Theme after activating plugins per instructions. All's well. However, when I copy/paste/rename  Beauty Theme folder to create new theme, layouts seem to start changing (layout for MegaMenu for one). I'm following all the steps in the Designer's Guide (e.g., updating theme.config, etc). Haven't tested custom-themed site enough to flag other specific side effects.

Any guidance is appreciated! Thanks.