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10 years ago

I am talking to myself LOL

OK I got into the configuration area (was a file permissions problem)

and enabled things but still no change at all to my main page - what am I missing?

even if I switch back to default theme, there's no mega menu :(

10 years ago

In other news I just tried to download the trial for Mega Menu and it doesn't work either - cannot even get into the "Configure" area :(

10 years ago

Sorry NopCommerce version 3.1 - there are multiple stores but generally I'm using the "all stores" options

10 years ago

I've gone through the forum and tried the items I thought might apply but I am just not getting any drop down at all on the front site

I have both plugins and the widget enabled and I have tried various "show on home page" options, but nothing seems to generate the drop down - and I have tried restarting the application and clearing my cache

what else should I try?