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11 years ago

Great thanks.

Another question: Is there an upgrade path if I decide to buy a single domain license now and then later on wish to implement the theme in another domain? ie, I only want to buy the single domain now but don't want to have to pay the multiple domain one later (not sure when that later is but let's assume for discussion within one year).. can I pay the difference in licensing costs to upgrade to multiple domain?

11 years ago

Nice job on this theme... it looks spectacular and I'm quite interested.

I take it that what I'd be purchasing is a multiple plugins with full source code?

What if I'm currently in development/staging mode and don't have a production website?  (I put a bogus one in just to see if I could get to the shopping cart page and was able to but didn't proceed since I wasn't sure what it was going to do with my info).  After placing the order, is there a download button that I'll be able to use to download the plugins? Or how exactly is it distributed?