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9 years ago

Hi all,

If I have the JCarousel enabled and displaying on bottom of home page and all works really well until user decides to access full site through mobile phone. I have the JCarousel to display 24 products in blocks of four. When a user clicks an arrow the next 4 display.

Unfortunately with full site through mobile phone displays all 24 products at once severely damaging the rendering of the page and making it unusable. I wondered if anyone could give me direction on what could be causing the issue. It is live at

It definitely to do with the JCarousel or the way I have factored it in because if I switch it off the home page flips back to how I want it to be.

I would happily switch it off for full site mobile displaying if need be. Any advise would be great.

9 years ago


9 years ago


I have an issues with my project that effects your anywhere slider which I have bought. I can get the anywhere slider running and displayed where I want. The problem is that I set the widget to home_page_top. It then goes where I want.

Essentially I have categories and newsletter on left pane. Then the anywhere slider appears within .topic-html-content. I then want to put a couple of paragraphs of text underneath about the site as a whole. I want this text to go the full width of the page. Therefore overlapping both the above category column and slider column. Unfortunately it only spans the width of the .topic-html-content therefore I have a gap down the left hand side. I wont need this gap.

Any ideas of a workaround. I'm very new to Nop and MVC.

9 years ago