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For what it's worth, this css in the styles.css seems to work well. I'd love to see you add it to your style sheet since it'll benefit everyone and also it'll make it so I don't have to add custom stuff with every update. :)

css wrote:

.product-details-page .full-description ul,
.product-details-page .full-description ol { margin-left: 25px; }
.product-details-page .full-description p {margin-top: 9px; }

I've got a number of strange issues that I'd like to figure out how to deal with. When I build my product description out, it looks good in the editor, but it doesn't look the same on the actual page.

A few areas that are problematic are bullets and spacing.

Here is a before/after image. The part on top is how it looks in the editor, the part below is how it looks rendered on the actual page.

I can tell by looking at the bullet items that they are being disabled by the style "ol, ul" in the styles.css that comes with this theme. I haven't investigated the paragraph spacing yet, but I suspect its something similar.

Is there anyway to change the css to fix this? If not, what's an easy workaround? Note that changing all my product descriptions to override the list-style isn't easy - I've got lots. :)

Looking for suggestions - thanks!

10 years ago

Boyko wrote:
Hi guys,

We are happy to announce the release of the Theme Roller for the Electronics theme for nopCommerce 3.0.
With the release of the Theme Roller we also improved the whole theme as well as the theme forum (as requested).

Enjoy the Theme Roller and showcase us what you have done with it!


New theme roller for Electronic theme is looking great (! I appreciate the effort you took to get this up and running.

A few questions about certain elements:

- I noticed that my menu rollovers continue to be the original green, yet your theme roller sample site seems to get around that. Is there a setting I need to set somewhere?
- My links in the bottom footer bar are the original color so they don't work well.
- I notice you are able to put links in your signature; is that something you released with this theme or is that a customization that I'd need to put in?
- Finally... anyway I can make my "quote" button look like your raised button?

11 years ago

Great plugin - I'd love to have a reminder that let's me send a reward point reminder to my users.

For example, I might set it up to send out a monthly email saying "Hey So & So, don't forget you've got 300 points worth $15 to use on the store."

11 years ago

I'm using the reminders plugin for my 3.0 setup. I've got a "Abandoned Cart" reminder setup to send after 12 hours, but I get the email after just a few minutes of adding an item to my cart.

Here's a screen shot of my setup:

11 years ago

I hear rumor that this is coming... very happy about that! :)

Will you post here when it's done or will you introduce it some other way?

11 years ago

Support wrote:


We fixed some issues in the forum, but as I now inspect the css for the forum on your site, it looks like some classes are missing. So can you update the styles.css file for the theme and see if the problems with the forum go away.

Please let us know how it goes!

ok great, that took care of the forum problems. Thanks much.


11 years ago

CTRL-F5 worked, though my forums don't look right still, unless this is the new look?

11 years ago

I disabled all my SevenSpikes plugins then re-enabled the Electronics theme and the site is performing well, though of course most of the goodness is gone because of the lack of plugins. I then started to systematically re-enable the plugins and found that Mega Menu was the biggest problem -- with it enabled, the CPU would spike to 100 and stay at 100% for 30 seconds or longer. The next problem plugin was the Ajax Filter; it would cause spikes but they didn't last for nearly as long.

I hope that's enough info to find and fix the problem with those two plugins.


11 years ago

Support wrote:

Hi Ryan,

We did have a look at your site and the design seems ok, except some issues that have been already fixed. You can download the theme again from your My Downloads section and replace the theme and the plugins with the new ones. Then you must click Ctrl+F5 several times in order to clear your browser’s cache.

Hope that helps!

I applied the fixes in the new download, but the site continued to be out of alignment. When the other poster (Chirag) mentioned that his worked on the default theme, I switched mine to that as well and it's SOOO FAST now. It appears that something with the Electronics theme or perhaps a plugin is doing something bad. I noticed that my CPU spikes and stays at 100% when that theme is selected. For now it's turned off so that people can actually use my site. Please let me know how I can assist you in troubleshooting.

I've got skype for IM chat if that helps.