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10 years ago

I upgraded my site today to version 3.0. My template is somewhat messed up. Additionally, the store is slow -- even going through my CDN.

My prior version was 2.65 and was zippy. I could surf around no problem. Now though... ugh... well check it out.

Any suggestions on fixing the template would be welcomed.

To compare, here's what my store looked like on 2.65 ( Basically, my anywhere sliders are gone and the menu at the top is out of line. When I login as Admin, the admin menu appears on the left side of the screen.


It seems in the move even my original site is messed up; here's a list of what's not working:
- I used to have categories on the main menu. Now you'll notice they are embedded in the page down below
- My main slider isn't working - it actually is working on the main site so you can see it there
- Forums is *really* messed up

In the end, it almost feels like I'm missing CSS/Images or something. I've tried to re-copy my Themes/Electronics folder as well as my plugins.

10 years ago

Hello -

I'm anxious for the 3.0 release of the Electronics theme. I do wonder - I'd love to see the forums' CSS & style get some of the love that your site has. Your forums look great - but the nopCommerce forums look horrid. At the risk of insulting, the forums in the electric theme look too similar to the vanilla forums coming from nopCommerce.

I guess my point is this: I'd love to see your themes' forums look as polished and clean as the forums on your site. Any chance you could give it a run through and tidy them up?

Thanks as always for the great solution.

P.S. I'm running nop 2.7; so if you've since themed the forums, I haven't seen it yet and you can disregard this message. :)