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2 years ago

I just purchased version 4.0 of this theme. My intent is to replace my current live version 2.65.
As I am setting up this new version I found that the Logo is not replaced when uploaded. When I switch to the nopCommerce default theme my logo is applied. So I believe this is a nop Templates issue. When the page is inspected in the browser it appears the img tag is static.
Any help will be appreciated.

6 years ago

Just found & would like to post for others.
In All settings Advanced of Admin site, locate the "beautythemesettings.facebookurl" setting name and enter your url.
Kind Regards to all.

6 years ago

Thank you for the response.
I saw this "ExternalAuth.Facebook" setting but it doesn't seem to be the value I am looking for.
In the footer there is a Follow us section with a link Image for the facebook, twitter and an Rss feed.
the footer,cshtml view page has this for the url "@facebookURL", I assume that this is a setting or string resource somewhere. I can not seem to locate it.
Thanks & Happy Holidays

6 years ago

Version 2.65 of the Beauty Theme
Can not seem to be able to find the right resource in the admin panel to change the url values for facebook and twitter buttons in the footer. It only appends to the store domain value.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

6 years ago

Facebook, Twitter and others