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8 years ago

Can you let me know the setting I need to increase the size of file attachments for this plugin. I basically have some pdf's that are about 7 MB.


8 years ago

Sounds very good!

8 years ago

New template looks great!

Could you elaborate a bit on the home page filters in terms of how they work?  It looks like there is some dependencies on these specifications.

Again... fantastic job

8 years ago

Hi there,

Can you also add a couple more features;

1. Include a product mapping tab (same idea as categories... a 1 to many relationship). Basically, allow the ability to specify which "dealers / stores" carry what products. Perhaps not all stores carry every product.  This leads into my 2nd point.
2. Include a zip/postal code Store Search feature on the product template.   Have a parameter to specify radius (in miles) for the return result.  The idea here is while on a product, we could have a "search for the closest store to "location x" that carries this product.  If no matches are within the radius, nothing returns.

Thanks, and great job!

9 years ago

hristian.dimov wrote:
The campaign only ignores products which already have an old price different than 0.

I see this functionality as a big problem.  In my case, I show the old price as msrp so that the entire catalog looks more attractive. I then do discounts like normal.
Can you just ignore the old price completely?  Or even better, give us the option to select which price to base the discount off of (old price or price).  Then this can work for a lot more use cases.  The fact that the native discounts of nop are based on price (not old price) does make me look at your implementation (by using the old price as part of the formula) as a bug.  



I just tried your demo sites and was not able to reproduce.  Unfortunately, the site I have is only available within a LAN as its main function is to provide internal store merchandise for company employees.
For now, I am disabling the feature, however, I can run some tests,etc if you have any ideas or can give me any suggestions.


Additional Information: I cleared the cache, restarted the application. The first time I hit the price range filter on the category page it worked.  Another user then hit 10 seconds later, and it failed for him immediately. I then refreshed my page, and it was was failing again (first item is always above the max price when the high end price is slid back).
Additional test... we refreshed the page to test again.  This time, just touching the low end amount by a very small amount. Then moving the high price, the filter worked correct...confirming the bug only exists/occurs when a user arrives at a category page and only slides the high price to a lower amount.

I am having this issue on Build 3.2.619.10036.

If you start by moving the right hand part of the slider (high price) and move it backwards, the first item in the list is always over the max amount, but the other items are ok. If you touch the left part of the slider to even move it by $1, everything works.  
Definite bug.