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You are great, All I had to do was make a few additional media size and .item-box .picture changes and it looks great. Just what I needed.

Thank you.

I need the custom head code to change the display of products from 3 across to 4 across. If you can help me I would be grateful. I have experimented  w/CSS but it is not formatting properly.

Great Support! Worked perfect. You all are great...

Products that have been assigned to a specific sub-category are displaying all the way up the category hierarchy. I have over 1000 products and this is going to create a real mess. How can I stop them from displaying in this manner and limit them only to the specific category they were assigned to?

Is there an easy way to change the css to show sub-category pages not 2-across but 3-across?
I have many sub-categories and want to condense the listings. I have looked at the css but am not quite sure where to start.

Thanks for any help.