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5 years ago

When I choose the category menu template "Categories in grid (with pictures)" from the settings of the Mega Menu, no pictures of the category appear in the menu. But when I select "Categories in a list", the names of the categories appear just fine.

View this at You will see the categories have images, but the menu item for Categories does not show them. I am using the Alicante theme and nopCommerce 3.2. This is done with a default install, except for changes in CSS and one product template. I have done nothing with categories except make them.

5 years ago

What caused the error was I had created a custom product template. QuickView needed its own version of the template of the same name added to it. Problem solved.

5 years ago

I get an error in QV when I click the QV icon for a given product. I checked the log and the error is as follows:

The model item passed into the dictionary is of type 'SevenSpikes.Nop.Plugins.QuickView.Models.QuickViewProductPageModel', but this dictionary requires a model item of type 'Nop.Web.Models.Catalog.ProductDetailsModel'.

You can see the problem at "". Just click the QV icon in the product and it will not work.

5 years ago

I discovered the resolution last night. The Alicante Responsive Theme has several views created. One of those views was the \Themes\Alicante\Views\Catalog\ProductTemplate.Simple.cshtml file. I just made a copy of this file and away I went. Problem solved. I was using the default ProductTemplate.Simple.cshtml file in the views\Catalog\ directory.

5 years ago

I created a copy of the "ProductTemplate.Simple.cshtml" file and called it ProductTemplate.Simple1.cshtml (they are now the same). I added it to the product templates and assigned a product to it. When I view the product, the products tabs (Overview, Specs and Revies) get placed beside the image. When I return the product to the the original ProductTemplate.Simple.cshtml everything is back to where it needs to be. These file are identical, except for name only (simple vs simple1). Why is this doing this?

I'm asking this in this forum, because I think that the Alicante Responsive is doing something to this simple1 page behind the scenes.